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It may be the spookiest week of the year but our prices are frightingly good!

The run up to Halloween is always a particularly busy time for our Agricultural friends on the Island.

The tradition of pumpkin carving and eating has been notorious with Halloween for many years and for one of our farmers, A.E Brown it shows no sign of slowing down!…
It is estimated that 10 million pumpkins are grown in the UK every year and Halloween is the second biggest retail festival after Christmas!

A.E Brown planted their pumpkins in Newport during the month of September, spread over 20 acres it will be quite a spectacle when they grow into their colourful orange spheres!

A.E Brown’s main customer are the Supermarkets on the Island, customers may also buy the pumpkins direct from A.E Brown farms.

Pumpkins thrive on normal dry conditions and can only be harvested when it is dry. If pumpkins are picked when they are wet you bruise them thus making them un-sellable!

We have a great relationship with Isle of Wight farmers and will continue to supply them with Red Diesel, Oils & Lubricants for many years to come.

Happy Halloween!