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If there’s one thing that could dampen your festive spirits it would be oil theft.

Protect yourself this Winter with our handy tips to ensure you don’t fall victim this year.

– Try to keep your tank as hidden as possible. This could be difficult if it’s already located in a visible area but you could grow shrubbery or a hedge around it to keep it out of plain sight.

– Ensure you have a lock on your oil tank, openings and any air vents on the tank. Oil thieves want to act quickly and flee the scene so any lock will act as an effective deterrent.

– Check your heating oil levels – regularly take a look at how much oil you have in your tank, this not only helps with monitoring the safety of your oil, but also helps with making sure you don’t un-expectantly run out!

– Does your insurance cover heating oil theft? If it doesn’t it may be worth asking for it as an addition. Heating Oil theft can leave you seriously out of pocket, particularly if you’ve just had a large delivery!

Heating Oil theft is a serious problem but by putting these simple measure in place you can decrease the chance of it happening to you.

If you have any worries or concerns regarding your heating oil and tank this Winter; give us a call on 292311 – we can point you in the right direction to get some advice.

Enjoy the Winter months
Many Thanks
The Team
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