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Isle of Wight Fuels have secured an agreement with one of the top retail fuel and oil distributors in the UK, ExxonMobil, and is proud to bring Esso quality fuels back to the Isle of Wight for the first time in many years.

Isle of Wight Fuels will launch the Esso brand at:

The Southern Co-operative Food and Petrol Station in Sandown

Isle of Wight Fuels are proud to announce that they have been approved to carry the Esso brand. David Grannum, General Manager of Isle of Wight Fuels explained, “Isle of Wight Fuels had to ensure that we met Esso’s stringent quality standards, which has included investment into an upgrade at our terminal in East Cowes to include Esso’s  exclusive additive technology. “

Mr Grannum continued, “Esso’s exclusive Fuel Additives are even more important on an Island environment as motorists are generally doing shorter and more frequent journeys and are not regularly de-coking their engines which you would on a longer motorway drive.”

Isle of Wight Fuels chose the Esso brand as it offers high quality and standards, and provides products that deliver proven benefits for the driver. Esso Energy Fuels are developed to help engines deliver a better performance and improve fuel economy with a range of superior products: Esso Energy Unleaded, Esso Energy Diesel and Esso Supreme Energy Diesel.

David Grannum explained, “Testing has shown that regular use of Esso Supreme Diesel not only gives fuel injectors a deeper clean than standard diesel, it also helps ensure you’re getting better performance from your engine. Choosing Esso Supreme Diesel may give you better value in the long term.”

Mike Fitton, Franchise Development Manager at Southern Co-operative Ltd said: “Southern Co-operative welcomes the arrival of Esso to the Isle of Wight and the brand benefits and quality of products that they bring. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Esso and Isle of Wight Fuels.”

The new Esso Service Station at The Southern Co-operative Broadway Service Station will also stock a quality range of lubricants which are known for performance, innovation and expertise.