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One of our commercial customers, Hovertravel,  have recently welcomed Olympic sailor, Ben Ainslie  to officially name their two new vessels ‘Island Flyer’ & ‘Solent Flyer’

We are proud to provide all the fuel to Hovertravel ensuring their vessels run smoothly and efficiently.

The type of fuel Hovertravel use is Red Diesel, exactly the same chemical make up as normal White Road Diesel, however Red Dye has been added to differentiate it. Red Diesel cannot be used in normal vehicles, only agricultural and construction sectors.

The naming ceremony on the Ryde Esplanade drew in crowds from both the mainland and the Island who were excited to see the new vessels, decorated in their Union Jack artwork.

Although the two new vessels are smaller, Hovertravel have managed to add in 1000 new services and boast comfier seats, larger windows and more space.

We wish Hovertravel all the best with their new vessels.